Patent Portfolio Development

Our team is intimately involved with portfolio development from idea to issuance and beyond.  We build value-oriented patent portfolios for our clients using our extensive experience prosecuting patent applications and our deep technical backgrounds.

Proceedings Before the Patent Trial & Appeal Board

Appeals.  When required by the circumstances, we appeal patent examiner decisions before the Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB).

Post-Grant.  We represent both patent owners and petitioners in post-grant challenges to the validity of issued patents, and understand that post-grant proceedings provide significant advantages over patent litigation.

Portfolio Monetization

We analyze patent portfolios to understand opportunities for increasing the value of your portfolios through additional filings and acquisitions, and then generate licensing, strategic sale, or enforcement strategies that monetize those efforts.

Strategic Counseling

When the circumstances call for it, we render opinions for a range of issues, including patent validity, enforceability, infringement, design-around, pre-litigation analysis, and other issues.